by Andrew Pask in ,

Open Gate Theatre & Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock present

Sunday Evening Concert Series feat.
Andrew Pask/Wayne Peet/Steuart Liebig/Alex Cline


Tom McNalley/Jeff Kaiser/Michael Vlatkovich

August 7, 2011

General Admission: $10

Students, Seniors, and Series Performers: $5

Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock
2225 Colorado Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90041

Gifted and multifaceted saxophonist-clarinetist Andrew Pask assembled a quartet of veteran local musicians who, like him, were strongly inspired and influenced by the classic 1976 ECM recording by bassist Barre Phillips called Mountainscapes in order to pay tribute to this work by playing some of the music from it together.  Pask, employing tenor and soprano saxophones, bass clarinet, and electronics, along with keyboardist Wayne Peet, contrabassguitarist Steuart Liebig, and drummer Alex Cline, uses many of the record’s composed themes as well as its sonic and improvisational approach and aesthetic as points of departure for the group’s collective musical manifestations.  Having played together in various settings over a number of years, the quartet draws on its own unique and well-developed chemistry as well as its shared appreciation for Phillips’ landmark recording to create a dynamic context for some expansive music-making.  The music, far from dated, is presented with a personal stamp of freshness and creativity, making for a memorable playing and listening experience.
Opening the evening is a trio of musicians whose mere combined talents should bode well for any fan of accomplished and creative improvised music-making, electric guitarist Tom McNalley, trumpeter Jeff Kaiser, and trombonist Michael Vlatkovich.  McNalley, often heard in a trio context with rhythm section, presents for himself, the musicians, and the listeners, a musical context overflowing with potential for free, open-ended melodic invention and sonic exploration.  Having worked with both Kaiser and Vlatkovich many times over the years, both of whom are world-class players in any situation, McNalley creates an opportunity for a set of sensitive, sophisticated, spirited, and witty musical adventures.