by Andrew Pask



I'm going to be demoing Max for Live at the next meeting of LAVA, the Los Angeles video artists' collective run by VJFader.


Data-mosh me up, baby


From the mailout



Next LAVA Meeting is Wednesday April 15th @ 7 pm Our April LAVA is yet another goody packed session with high tech software and hardware demos. Andrew Pask from Cycling 74 will introduce the new MaxForLive, followed by Bryant Place's JazzMutant Lemur presentation. Andrew Pask works for Cycling 74, and is a musician and programmer in his own time. His recent video work includes a performance at theAK09 festival in Auckland, New Zealand, and video programming forKeri Bruno's "The God Project". He will be demoing Max for Live, Cycling 74's soon to be released collaboration with Ableton, with an eye for the new possibilities available to audio/video artists. This LAVA is hosted at M.O.T.'s studio in SilverLake: 2200 lemoyne st. los angeles,ca