Theatre Music

by Andrew Pask


Saturday September 6th 2008

Folly Bowl, Altadena. 

Sharon's Farm, and evening of short plays

"Shitty Barbeque" written and directed by Wesley Walker

With Richard Azurdia and Tamar Fortgang

"Hammers" written and directed by Guy Zimmerman

With Alex Adrian Cruz, Kim Debus, Gill Gayle, Jack Littman

"The Holy Dreamer of Kinsk" written and directed by Bernard Goldberg

With Molly Cleator, Tamar Fortgang, Gregory Littman, Tina Preston and Susanne Schulten


"The Accident" written and directed by Sharon Yablon

With Heidi Darkchuk and Mickey Swenson

"The Brothers Kut" written and direction by Rita Valencia

With Alex Adrian Cruz, Lake Sharpe, Rita Valencia

Music composed by Andrew Pask

Performed by Jeff Gauthier, Laura Escudé, Andrew Pask