Steuart's Birthday Bash

by Andrew Pask

All music composed by Steuart Liebig

27 July 2006: At Cryptonight.

8:00 p.m.

The long-awaited  first-ever live performance of two pieces from Pomegranate, featuring Nels Cline and Vinny Golia. Also on tap will be the two "mini concertos" written for Jeff Gauthier's Goatette, featuring Jeff and David Witham. Plus, there will also be a brand-new "mini concerto" written for Wayne Peet.

Steuart Liebig Concerto Night/50th Birthday Megalomania

first set
kammerstig performs two pieces from the album “pomegranate”:
1. flare up like flame and create dark shadows - - soloist: vinny golia, sopranino saxophone
2. the darkness of each endless fall - - soloist: nels cline, guitar
3. the shimmering light of each assent - - soloist: wayne peet, organ

second set
two pieces written for jeff gauthier’s grand goatette:
1. capricorn - - soloist: jeff gauthie, violin
2. transformer - - soloist: david witham, piano


alex cline - - drumset
jeff gauthier - - electric violins
ellen burr - - flutes
andrew pask - - clarinets
jeff kaiser -  trumpet
michael vlatkovich - - trombone
steuart liebig - - contrabassguitars, conducting, compositions

soloists: nels cline, vinny golia and wayne peet

grand goatette
jeff gauthier - - electric violins
david witham - - piano
joel hamilton - - acoustic bass
alex cline - - drumset
ellen burr - - flutes
andrew pask - - clarinets
keve wilson - - oboe
ken fisher - - bassoon
steuart liebig - - conducting, compositions, contrabassguitars

soloists: jeff gauthier, david witham